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Moving into a shared house? Agree on these first!

By BZashleigh 29 Mar 2021

Leaving halls and living in a shared house can be both daunting and exciting 

Make sure you discuss these things with your future housemates to avoid fallouts and make sure you're all on the same page when you move in...

  1. Cleaning
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    Whether you're a clean freak or like to live a little messy, it seems like a small issue now but not agreeing on cleaning habits can cause huge problems.
  2. Bills
    You can open a shared bank account or set up payments to one person who's in charge of making payments. Just make sure everyone knows when and how to get things paid on time. 
  3. Noise
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    Love to have your music blasting most hours of the day and night? Be considerate of other people who might appreciate a bit of quiet time every now and then. 
  4. Guests
    It's not fair to your housemates if you've got someone staying over every night of the week. Not only are they using the utilities but your housemates might not be totally comfortable with them being there all the time. 
  5. Rooms
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    No one wants to be left with the box room so make it as fair as possible by drawing names out of a hat to see who gets which room. 
  6. Sharing
    You probably share food items now like milk, eggs, tea and coffee but some people like to push boundaries so make sure you lay down some ground rules. 
  7. Who's bringing what?
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    You don't all want to turn up on move-in day with a kettle each and four toastie makers between the six of you. Decide early on who's bringing what and split the cost between you. 
  8. Routines
    Discuss who gets up early, who goes to bed early and who will be in the queue for the bathroom on a morning!

Rather not go through the hassle of finding a shared house? You can stay with us again next year! You can apply online for halls on our apps portal.

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