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How to Apply for Second Year Accommodation

By FLsm 08 Nov 2018

You may have only arrived in Coventry a few months ago and are still finding your feet and building friendships, so looking for accommodation for next year may not have even crossed your mind. Yet it’s always a good idea to plan ahead early for next year so you have more options and are more likely to get accommodation that you want. Securing accommodation early can leave you less stressed in the long run and being in a place you love can enhance your time at uni.

Different Choices

There’s a range of choices for returner students, from halls to private houses but it’s a good idea to work out which one is right for you before you begin the search. Check out our blog on House V’s Halls to help you figure out what’s best for you.

What to consider

You need to consider budget before you choose. How much do you want to spend? Living in halls means just a one off payment each month but in a house you’ll have to consider bills on top of your rental price, so sharing with a group of friends can help to cut down the costs. There’s so many extra costs to think about - gas, water, internet, central heating. So living with friends can become economical - plus you can take it in turns to cook for each other.

If you’re looking for private accommodation, be aware of the pitfalls in terms of repairs and extra charges, so if you’re looking for a private house, speak with Coventry University’s student accommodation provider FutureLets, as they have a range of approved landlords they work with.

Before you begin the search, a good idea would be to figure out who you want to live with and be choosy about who you live with. Make sure it’s someone you can trust and who isn’t likely to wind you up by leaving the washing up for a week. You’ll want to avoid tension and agro in your house and the last thing you need is arguments over who left pasta in the sink! 

Don’t panic if you haven’t built up a friendship circle already, you can still apply for your accommodation throughout the year which gives you plenty of time to figure out who you want to live with. If you’re still unsure who to live with you can always stay in halls again, as you’re likely to meet new people all over again or rent a room in a private house.

How to Apply


If you’re interested in applying for halls, you can apply for accommodation through the Coventry University website

Private Houses

If you want to choose a house, you could check out the FutureLets website to search for houses. You can search a range of 1-10 bedroom houses depending on the size of your group.

Once you’ve found something you like, you can book a viewing through the website.

If you like the property, you can then secure it by submitting an application along with an £80 admin fee. You’ll then need to pay a deposit within seven days of your booking. The deposit is one month's rent and £100 and this will be split within the group.

(Now for the legal stuff!)

You’ll then be entered into a legal agreement and will need to make an appointment to sign your agreement.   

Rent is then due every three months in advance but flexible arrangements can be made for July, August and September rents. You can discuss your options with FutureLets in advance of booking.

You’ll need to pay your first rental instalment prior to your tenancy commencing.

Please be aware though that once you’ve paid your deposit, you won’t be able to cancel your agreement.

You can read the draft contract in the FutureLets office, or on the website before you proceed with your application.

If you want any further info or advice, you can contact the FutureLets office on 02476 158 158.


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