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George's Blog: British Freshers explained

By bzbeth 02 Sep 2019

You arrived in the UK ready to see the infamous landmarks, taste English Breakfast tea and maybe, even catch a glimpse of David Attenborough...

Instead, you are about to encounter a different national treasure, the British Fresher. They are the weirdest and wildest of university students. Prepare yourselves, you are in for a wild ride.

Unable to do the most basic of domestic tasks

British freshers are like toddlers. They are legally old enough to make big decisions, but cannot wrap their heads around things like washing machines, grocery shopping and cleaning. You might find them using a ladle to scoop washing powder into the machine or attempting to mop the floor with a feather duster. Honestly, nothing will shock you after living with British Freshers. 

Every night turns into a photoshoot

British students don't really grow out of this – especially girls. At the beginning of every night out, people will start posing, fake laughing and sticking their bums out for photos. If it’s not on Insta, did it even happen?

Stealing other people’s food out of pure laziness

Rather than walking to the local shop for milk, bread and alcohol – freshers will always raid the flat first. Need something to drink or eat? Freshers tend to just pinch it from their flatmates - vultures. Don't be like this!

Using a phone in a glass as the speaker 

If there’s one thing British Freshers hate, it’s spending money when there’s a cheaper alternative. Apparently, a speaker for music is one of those things. You will often go around to visit your friends in their flats and find an iPhone in a glass beaker as the speaker. Genius!

Attempting to boil pasta with no water

Student kitchens are by far the best place to observe Fresher behaviour. There will be people eating raw potatoes, cremating chicken for fear of salmonella and even attempting to cook pasta with no water. You will never witness anything like it again.

Giving up on laundry and carrying it halfway across the UK

After breaking the washing machine and wearing dirty clothes for a whole month, students will often pack their suitcase with filthy clothes and go home. They return to halls with freshly washed clothing, neatly ironed and folded ready for semester two. British Freshers are truly inept. 

Becoming best friends with someone after an hour 

When you're in a city alone, you tend to cling to people. Everyone is your new best friend. You are open to meeting everyone and will very quickly get over any social anxiety you may have. 

Embrace the new opportunities, but remember that it's ok if you feel unsure or unfamiliar at times. That's totally expected and if you are ever struggling, please speak to your accommodation team or student support services.

Now, go and join the weirdness!