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Freshers' Week Survival Guide

By bzbeth 11 Apr 2017

You’re in a new place, with new people, trying to learn how to get by without your parents help - no doubt you will make some mistakes along the way.

But to avoid those common ones that so many have, and follow these tips to get you through...

  1. Don’t buy everyone drinks
    It’s hard to look at your bank balance and ignore those double figures turn into triples when your first loan drops, but don't go mad! You will need it for more important things later. Like food...
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  2. Keep your bag zipped
    Ladies! Keep your bag zipped or the clasp facing inwards so your belongings stay safe whilst you're out and about.
  3. Save taxi numbers in your phone
    You’re stuck at the end of a night out freezing on the street with your friends, and there is no taxi in sight. Fancy being everyone's hero? This a good place to start.
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  4. Charge your phone before a night out
    Because those taxi numbers are pretty useless without it.
  5. Create a Spotify playlist
    This is a great way to get to know each other because you can bond over your favourite tunes. You might find your best mate over your shared love for rap or maybe classic music?
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  6. Register at your medical centre
    You don't want to to do this when you're actually ill, so get it done before so you don't have to worry.
  7. Take pictures
    Sorry, no selfies - although it is Freshers' so go on then! But get some snaps of your room and report any faults straight away, unless you want to pay for them later.
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  8. Stick to well-lit areas
    Especially when you're using cash machines, it's a new area so despite your beer fear just stay with a friend and keep your pin number hidden.
  9. Know your address
    It'll all be new but keep a note of it in your phone, because the last thing you want to do is forget it at 2am when you want to go home.
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  10. Stick with mates
    Going home with your friends is safer and let's face it, loads more fun. So if you're the first one that wants to leave just try to persuade someone to come home with you.
  11. Get out of your room
    Staying in and isolating yourself is only going to make you feel even more homesick. Go out and meet people, you’ll thank me later.
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  12. Condoms
    It’s Freshers', and with the alcohol flowing and new relationships forming you need to be prepared. This isn’t just a guy’s responsibility, girls have a say in this too. 
  13. Have a night off
    Day events and nights out are all great for meeting people but one too many can make you feel run down and lead to, you guessed it- Freshers' flu. 
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  14. Don’t get locked out
    Keep your key with you and in a safe place at all times when you leave the flat.
  15. Setting off the fire alarm at 3am
    Don’t be that person. Unless you want to be ridiculed for it at any given opportunity because your housemates will love to wind you up about it, after they've finished being annoyed at you...
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  16. Sign up to societies & sports clubs
    Try something new and push your boundaries, just make sure you test them out first before you commit to anything.

Taking these points on board will guarantee you the best start to an unforgettable year!

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