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Fancy not cooking Monday-Friday?

By FLsm 02 Oct 2019

Once you get to University, you have to start budgeting your loan out for accommodation, books/materials, food and let’s face it - enjoying yourself! It can become difficult to start portioning money out and having to plan what you can spend. Plus, it’s really easy to spend a bit too much on what you want rather than the essentials.

If you want life to be a little easier and to make sure you’re not having to live on pasta and pesto the whole time you’re at uni, why not buy a meal card from the FutureLets office. You can pay in advance for your breakfast and evening meals, so at least you know the food shop will be sorted and then you don’t have to worry! Not only that, your breakfast and evening meal will be cooked for you Monday - Friday so no cooking or washing up too! Happy days!

You can buy a meal card for 10 weeks for only £350 - just £35 a week for freshly prepared meals by chefs in The Hub!. So give yourself peace of mind and get your meals done in advance! All you need to do is pop into The FutureLets office - 145 Charles Ward, Priory Street to buy your meal card.

Meals served Monday to Friday

Breakfast 0800 – 1000

Evening 1700 - 2000



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