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Dealing with difficult housemates?

By bzellie 17 Oct 2018

Being away from home for the first time and living with new people can be difficult, it's not what you are used to and you can be put with people who are very different from you. 

We've made it easier for you to spot who you live with by these following stereotypes - one may even be you!

The Slob

They will be in their pyjamas for 23 hours of the day, only appearing from their room to make a pot noodle or any other food that takes a minimal amount of effort. On move out day, they will be the ones coming down the stairs with all those missing plates and glasses piled up high that you've been wondering where they got to.

Tip: Call them out on it and the nicest way possible and it will soon make them realise that they need to get their life together.

The Party Animal 

It's not a 'night out' without them! They always instigate it and they are always the last home. Their part-time job will be a club promoter at their favourite club and will always be bugging you to buy tickets or tagging you on their posts on Facebook. They're the poorest flatmate but somehow always afford a night out! 

Tip: They aren't going to stop because that's why you go to uni, right?! Wrong, but they don't know that. Just set down some rules - if they lose their key you aren't letting them in and stick to it and they won't do it again.

The Debbie Downer

They always put a negative spin on things and complain about everything, whether it be moaning they haven't done their coursework the night before submission or finding a fault in everything you say or do. 

Tip: If they are down all the time, suggest they do something about it. This could mean going to the gym, getting out of your accommodation, start deadlines earlier or literally anything to stop them from bringing everyone else down.

The Fog Horn

On a Sunday morning when you want a lie in, they are on their phone at 8AM talking at the top of their voice, they have no social awareness of how loud their voice is.

Tip: Just let them know that they are extremely loud especially in the mornings when you're wanting some peace and quiet, ask them nicely to turn down the volume just so that they're aware.

The Neat Freak

They'll be the first to message in the Whatsapp group to tell you you've left some dirty dishes out. Their perfect Sunday would be to spring clean and bleach the house from top to toe, not ideal when you have a banging headache from the night before.

Tip: They are great because they keep the house clean but can get on your back if you aren't up to scratch. Keep them happy by keeping your flat clean, it's better than living in a pig sty. Remember, your surroundings affect your mood!

How to deal with these characters

Try not to retaliate. 
This may be very tempting to do, but it will only make the situation worse and will cause tension. This is a passive-aggressive way of dealing with the situation and again will just intensify the original problem. Speak to your housemate, tell them what is getting to you and ask if they could refrain from what they are doing to cause a problem.

Address the problem head-on.
Hitting it on the head sooner rather than later is the best way to defuse the situation. They may not want to listen but if you are straightforward with them they will have more respect for you than you talking about it behind their back. Hopefully, this will make them realise they need to change how they are to suit their other housemates or they may want to come up with a compromise. Just make sure you leave the situation both agreeing on the outcome, you don't want to fall out.

Remember you're not in this situation forever, getting on with everyone will make your life easier. You'll soon realise living together and being friends are two entirely different things.

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