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Charities You Can Support as a Student

By FLcs 10 Feb 2021

As it’s volunteering week, you can find in this blog charities, not-for-profit organisations and media outlets covering the voluntary sector.

Any kind of support from a student is beneficial for both, student and charity.

How to show kindness?
Every Coventry Uni student can be a pawn in spreading kindness and positivity, whether online or physically.

If you don’t know how to start, you can simply share some happiness. Just send a motivational message. It can be a friend in self-isolation, a neighbour or a person who would smile when seeing the message. Your positive message will reach their self-esteem, especially if they are in need.

Do you know someone who is struggling with money? Why not to surprise them with a takeaway to ease their worries for an evening?

It is volunteering week. Isolation gave free time to many of us, why not looking out for volunteering opportunities that can be done from the comfort of your own home, like joining a befriending service to help those at risk of loneliness. Talking is a great therapy for all! #MentalHealth, #Volunteering

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Food banks
You may not be able to donate in-person to a food bank, but many of them have donation facilities online so you can support them directly. You could also place an online order for them, and they will find the food in front of their door. By the same token, when you are doing your groceries shopping don’t forget that many supermarkets have food collection points.

You can find food banks in Coventry here or check Royal Voluntary Service here. 

Coventry charities:

If you are living in a FutureLets student accommodation, you can find internal food banks. Just ask at the reception and our colleagues will be more than happy to help you.

What support (other than money) you can provide?
There are so many ways to support a charity. Do you have clothes that you don’t wear anymore? In Coventry, you can find the Help Save Lives in Your Community containers. You can donate clothes, books and things.

If you are living at Singer Hall or Cycle Works, you might know that you have such a container at Canterbury Street roundabout. All Futurelets accommodations have their own British Heart Foundation boxes so you can donate your unwanted clothes etc. You can also find food banks for charities in many of Futurelets accommodations. 


Share kindness via social media
If you are good at social media posts, you can share on your personal profile motivational posts using the #KindnessMatters and #ResLife hashtags.

Donate blood
If you want to show courage and kindness, you can help hospitals that are looking for people to donate blood during the pandemic. Giving blood is considered essential travel during lockdown (

Use Amazon Smile
A very interesting way to donate is AmazonSmile. Amazon created this marketing service that lets customers generate a donation for a charity each time they shop on Amazon. Giving shoppers the opportunity to choose a charity before they shop, the service provides charities with a unique opportunity to tap into Amazon’s enormous customer base, while also getting ahead of the digital curve.

Each time customers buy something, Amazon donates a percentage of the net purchase price for millions of eligible products. With digital giants like Amazon growing into the charity sector, the outlook seems positive. Visit to find out more.

Let’s act together again!

  • 17 February – International Random Acts of kindness Day;
  • 14 February – International Book Giving Day (not just Valentine’s! Not only love but also reading!).

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