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Nominate a housemate: Winner's revealed!

By BzBarlow 01 Dec 2017

Thank you SO much for all of your entries! We got a ton of nominations and every single one was read. It warms our hearts to think of you all living with such great people. If we can get a couple more vouchers, we will publish more winners next week.

Mairéad will be in touch on Monday to sort out your vouchers :-) AND THE WINNERS ARE>>>>>>>>>>>

Louise Roche. Nomintaed by: Victoria Dibello, College Park
"I came to DCU this fall completely new to the country. I've never left the United States until now and she was the first person I met. From that first day until now she's been above and beyond with her kindness towards me. Louise and her mother both were very welcoming. I was alone on my birthday and they bought me chocolates and a card to make me feel special and at home. She never looks annoyed when I ask her thousands of questions a day and is eager to help me out on customs, terminology, and the best places to go. I've been sick twice now and both times (her being a 3rd year nursing student) she went out of her way to make sure I got better. Louise is a perfect example of that friendly Irish hospitality I have always been told about!"

Bilge OzdemirNominated by: India Chevallier, College Park   "We deserve to win because she's not also my housemate but also my best friend in Ireland. We met on facebook before coming to DCU and we found out that we live in the same house! What a coincidence! We call ourselves rabbits because we always cook carrots :D We love carrots. She's my Dublin sister. I'm so sad because she is here for only one semester but it's like we've known each other for years. I know that i can always count on her. She has a great energy that motivates people and makes them feel good. When my first concert happened in DCU she wasn't going to make it but she canceled her plan and came to my concert instead. That means a lot to me. I would do the same when she needs my existence. Unfortunately we won't be able to be housemates for long term but we will be best friends forever. She's the best Rabbit!!"

Oohagh Doyle. Nominated by: Margaret O’Connell, St Patrick's"I think my house mate mags should win because she is a great person to have in the campus house with me, I don't know what I would have done without her!! On the second week of college I tore ligaments in my knee playing camogie and was on crutches for three weeks , I didn't even know Margaret before I came to College and she still helped me everyday with getting my stuff up to my room (on the third floor)She even offered to swap rooms with me to make it easier !! Mags helping me with my stuff and getting food from Tesco and stuff was so good of her I would love for her to get something back for being so helpful. I think we both deserve it from all our long treks up to that third floor especially when I was on my crutches!!

 Daniel Phelan. Nominated by  St Pats " he's from Kilkenny and I was from meath. On the very first night of college, I was quite drunk, hungry for a spicebag and didn’t have enough money for a taxi home. I found Daniel who was just as hungry as me. He geniusly ordered a spicebag to be delivered to Campus and we both hopped into the car with the delivery man.... best first night ever!"


BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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